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Just some suggestions and offers of help

I posted this in the roll call, but I want to make it clear out in the open. I wasn't a teen mom, I was 21 when my oldest was born. I was also married. So I'm not really a girlmom, and I'm not an "older mom". I fall somewhere in between. I know that this "uprising" isn't about me, but I want to offer whatever support and help that I can without stepping on any toes because I feel like this is a really important project.

So. That said, I have some ideas for fundraising. How difficult is it to set up non-profit status? That might help bring in bigger donations from mother-friendly sources. We could also periodically post paypal spam in our regular livejournals begging for donations from the women that read them. I have some raffle-type ideas, as well. Maybe the bulk of the money raised could be used to lower costs as much as possible and maybe use extra to charter buses from centralized locations to the meeting? I dunno know how practical that is, and I think someone else already suggested it, anyway.

Speaking as a young mama but not a girlmom, I think it would be awesome for the focus to be on teenage motherhood, single moms, lesbian moms, and poor moms. I also really, really like the idea of centering the meeting around an event. I don't have any suggestions as to what, though.

I think Texas and Orlando, Florida are good ideas for locations because you can fly to and obtain lodging in both of those places fairly cheaply. Texas is more central, so buses would be more feasible for mamas on both the west coast and the east coast. I like the idea of using free, or cheap, facilities like community centers, public parks for parties, etc. I live in Hawaii, and I'd love to have it out here, but that obviously isn't practical. (One of the towns on the island I live on has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country, so I would love to see something like this out here. It is basically one of the biggest "problems" the local government "faces". You've never seen more attentive, attached, loving parents in your life.)

If I do come, I would be more than willing to provide childcare. That responsibility should not lie with the people whom the meeting is for. I think those of us who call ourselves allies should be willing to step up to that. I think it is important that the childcare take place in someone's home or another place equipped to deal with kids, though. I've been to conference-type things where childcare was offered in hotel rooms and I could never leave my kid there. Maybe it would be a good idea, too, to make workshop spaces as kid-friendly as possible. Maybe some mamas won't want to leave their kids at all, and I hope that could be respected.

So these are just some things I've been thinking about. I wanted to throw them out there.
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