Erin (rileysmom) wrote in gm_uprising,

my thoughts

first off, i am not a GM. i was 21 when i got pregnant.

second off, i have been to two of the last three MG's.

i knew right off the bat that this one would be different. no mommas gathered upon entering the hotel like last time.... way to many man..... and the whole gm factor.

what if we collaborated with whomever is in chicago. make our voices heard. get on the board.

i know a badass gm is in chicago.

i think we can do this.

but i dont see a reason to move away from the general mg. mamas is what it is all about right??

should we let the mn gathering guide us. or remember the la. and how cool and rad and empowering it could be??

the main reason i ask is i worked my ass off trying to do an empowerment in kc. and i got nothing. i think working with the mama community as a whole, with our own huge gm emphasis, it could be huge.

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