I'm goin back to cali...nah I don't think so (calimama) wrote in gm_uprising,
I'm goin back to cali...nah I don't think so

where is everyone?

I keep seeing posts & comments in other peoples journals about people looking forward to the GM uprising & they can't wait to meet everyone there but it doesn't look like this community is very active anymore. Has planning been moved to somewhere else (another bb)? Have everyone lost interest? The only way this will happen is if people start getting envolved.

Are there mods for this community yet? Has a location been decided on? Where are people needed?

It seems like the first thing needed is a desionion on location. How about nominating a couple cities and then taking a vote? I agree with whoever said we shouldn't just pick random cities. Cities where people are willing to help out should be the ones considered. Is zorah the only one interested in taking this on?
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