Madame Zorah (zorah) wrote in gm_uprising,
Madame Zorah

Place suggestions....

I have already put my hometown - Spokane Washington - out there.

Pros: Cheap, good network of support, I have a lot of resources here, accessible to Canada mamas because is northern, lots of allies in my support group to help, lots of homestay options for poor mamas, lots of Spokane GirlMoms who could use the outreach and support, international airport, urban area compact & easy to get from one place to another, close to beautiful countryside if we want a camp out...

Cons: On the west side (though not on the coast), not a big touristy town (though that makes it cheaper, and I have lots of cool places to share!) um..... that's all I can think of.

But other suggestions are welcome and we want to choose the best possible place for the most mamas!

So enter your suggestions here!
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